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The Partridge Kitchens process

When you decide you want to replace your kitchen and approach us, what can you expect?
It is with this question in mind that we have produced this page, so that you can see how a typical kitchen enquiry evolves through the various stages of consultation, design, manufacture and installation.

The first stage in any kitchen enquiry, whether via email or telephone is usually an informal chat over the phone to discuss what you are looking for in a new kitchen, especially if you have any requirements that you want fulfilled (such as a particular style of door or sink, for example). From this initial conversation, we make an appointment with you at your home, where we discuss things in more detail including choosing the look of your kitchen. At the same time, we do an initial site survey to gain the measurements we need to accurately design your new kitchen. In addition to manufacturing and installing the kitchen, we can also coordinate removal of the old kitchen, tiling, electrics, plumbing, decoration and building work, to give you a complete service, or you may arrange any or all of these yourself. These would be classed as extras.

A typical plan layout following consultation The next stage is the design. This is done on our premises after the consultation so you don't have to sit around waiting for it to be produced. Using modern CAD design software, we produce a plan layout of your floor space with units, worktop, and major features such as integrated appliances laid out in the design we feel is right for you, taking into consideration your requirements. Because all our kitchens are bespoke, we can make use of even the most unusual spaces and accommodate existing features such as boilers. The plan is designed to be clear and concise and give an uncluttered view of the new kitchen.

A slideshow showing a difficult to visualise elevation shown as a line drawing and the finished article - compare In certain circumstances, where a particular or unusual feature is difficult to visualise, we can produce an elevation line drawing to allow you to see more clearly what you can expect. All plans are individual to each client and have a version number. The version number is incremented each time a change is requested and a new plan produced.
Once the plan has been produced, this will be given to you along with a detailed quote showing the costs involved. The quote always references a particular plan version. The quote will show separately the manufacture and installation costs. At this stage, if you wish to implement changes to the original design, these can be accommodated with a revised plan and quote.

When you are happy with your design, we will arrange an installation date with you and request a deposit. This allows us to proceed with the manufacture of your kitchen. At any stage in the process, you are welcome to visit the workshop and have a look at what we do. We will continue to liaise with you right up to the installation date, which will be more frequent in cases where other trades are to be involved.

When the installation date arrives, which for convenience is usually a Monday, we will (assuming a prepared room) deliver and start to install your units. A further interim payment is requested at this point. A typical installation can take from 3-5 working days, dependant on the size and complexity of the kitchen. In exceptional circumstances, for example where granite worktops are required, the work may extend to the following week, but this is unusual.

When the installation is completed, we will leave your kitchen in a clean state, collate all the instructions for any appliances we have supplied, and leave you with an information pack containing care instructions, appliance instructions and a handy reference page with all the appliance serial numbers. We will at this point request the final payment for manufacture and also the installation, as detailed in the quote. Any extras are chargeable in addition.

You can be assured that the people you deal with in the beginning
will be the same people who manufacture and install your kitchen.