An overview of the Thomas kitchenSometimes, a customer will approach us with specific ideas for their kitchen and Mr & Mrs Thomas are such an couple. After spending time discussing their requirements and fine tuning their design through several versions, we were able to produce a design that not only suited their vision, but was also able to be accommodated into the space available.

The original room layout consisted of a separate kitchen and dining room that Mr & Mrs Thomas felt were both cluttered and lacking in space. It was their vision to have a single kitchen diner with clean lines which would be more in keeping with the modern character of their home. We were not only instructed to undertake the kitchen fit, but also asked to co-ordinate all the building, plumbing and electrical work. Much of the work was undertaken by ourselves, with only the electrical work and plastering sub contracted.

A handmade oak shelfOne of the challenges when designing the kitchen was to keep the required proportions of the design, whilst allowing for the width of the room. We were limited by the need to accommodate the integrated dishwasher, which dictated the depth on the units under the window. By reducing the depth of the units on the opposite side of the kitchen, this still allowed us to incorporate the corner units that help to frame the range cooker, whilst also maintaining a useable work surface.

To compliment the Gresham Ivory fascias, a titanium coloured caesarstone worktop was used to complete the look. This was also used to create the window cill. An oak shelf was also produced which helped break up the plain wall on the right hand side. The flooring and decorating were sub contracted directly by the customer once we had completed our work.

The finished kitchen is only a couple of feet longer than the original, but opening up the divide between the kitchen and dining room, combined with the best use of storage space and light colours has helped to create a combined space that appears greater than the sum of the original two rooms.

Mr & Mrs Thomas write:
"Thank you for our wonderful kitchen and dining room. We are very appreciative of the effort you have put in and the enormous help you have been in all aspects of this project. The Quality of your workmanship is second to none and we will be recommending you to friends."